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Social media marketing

Social media is a unique and effective way to reach your (potential) customers. Not only can you leave a big impact on your brand value with images and videos, but you can also convey more depth about your company through content descriptions. You can specifically target the demographics, geography and interests of your target group. By keeping your social media channels up to date you can effectively increase your sales and branding goals.

Social media marketing
Social media marketing

Benefits of social media marketing

  • Brand awareness;By also being active on social media, you are in closer contact with your target group. As a result, you also become known to your target group when they spend time on social media and they can bond with your image on social media.

  • Wide reach;About 90 percent of Dutch people use social media. Most people to make here even daily use of. That is why it is important to also be present on the social channels where your target group is active. 

  • Relatively low costs; Social media platforms are in principle free to use.

  • Advertising option; In addition to being able to set up a social media account with your content, it is also possible to your created Advertise content on social media channels. This way you can reach an unlimited number of people within your target group and budget.

Social media channels

We know how to make full use of social media channels. Marketing Division understands the importance of quality content and we will fully leverage the social proof of your network. We specialize in the following social media channels:

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter 

Are you not yet easy to find on social media channels or are your social media accounts in need of improvement? Then you've come to the right place. We ensure that you do not unnecessarily miss out on potential customers or current customers.  

Social media channels

Which tasks we perform or can take over

outsource social media ads

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