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SEO Copywriter

Increase the Google ranking of your pages with the help of our SEO copywriter. 

It is not easy to rank high in Google search results. There is a lot of competition and the optimization areas are also not  always clear. Happy isMarketing Division We are aware of the latest optimization trends and know better than anyone where there is room to gain. Do you not want to miss opportunities within search engine optimization? Then our SEO copywriter is ready to achieve results for your company.

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The benefits of an SEO copywriter

An SEO copywriter brings many benefits. The most important benefits you should consider are:

  • ​More visitors

  • Higher quality visitors

  • More leads

More visitors

With a higher Google ranking, more people will click on your page. As a result, there will be an increase in the number of website visitors.

Higher quality visitors

The value in a good SEO copywriter lies in the fact that the optimization is excellent. This will give you more relevant visitors to your page than you previously received. Visitors who are more relevant to your website ultimately have more value. 

More leads

By increasing the number of website visitors and quality website visitors, there will be more contact with your target group. This offers the opportunity to collect more leads and ultimately increase your company's revenue.

SEO services



Before we start working on your Google ranking, extensive research will first have to be done. Our SEO copywriter examines your current content, the content within your market and your competition. By combining this with our effective marketing tools, we know in no time which keywords to focus on.

Writing content

After our keyword analysis makes it clear what the right strategy is, it is time to actually implement the right strategy.

Our SEO copywriter can improve your current content or create new content. Both options can be combined to achieve the highest possible optimization


On-page SEO is extremely important, but what goes behind the screens whatever happened cannot be overlooked. It is very important that Google understands your page well. This helps with indexing and reaching the relevant target group.


Besides relevance and the technical side you also have authority. Even when Google understands your page well and knows which target group suits you, a high Google ranking not guaranteed. The authority that Google assigns to your page is also included in your ranking.

The authority of your website can be divided into domain authority, page authority and link authority. 

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