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Google AdWords (SEA)

With Google AdWords you can reach the top of the search results with your AdWords advertisements. Even above the best organic search results. 

It's no secret that people tend to click more quickly on the top search results. When via Google AdWords advertisements the right way optimized , then the maximum possible return will be achieved from your campaigns. Our experienced Google Ads specialists look forward to helping your company help!

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Betrouwbare online marketingpartner van het MKB

Google adwords

How does the Marketing Division work?

It all sounds great to end up at the top of the search results and to get a lot of return from your online AdWords campaigns, but how do we achieve this? 

Marketing Division has the expertise and experience to step by step each to grow your business online. Below we have a diagram placed what such a process will look like in the first month.  

freelance google ads specialist

SEA options    

Google Ads

With Google Ads you appear on all search engine channels of the largest search engine. Reach your target group through this widely applicable advertising method. Do you want to outsource Google Ads? Then the Marketing Division can start working on your campaign immediately.

Google Shopping

Get into the Google Shopping results with your products and product images.


This allows you to reach consumers more quickly who are specifically looking to buy something.

YouTube Ads

Do you want to reach your target group while watching videos? Then YouTube Ads are a powerful way to reach your target group.

Microsoft Ads

An often underestimated onesearch engine that offers many options is Bing. 

There is less competition and the costs per click are also lower. Something for you?


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