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Cheap SEO

A cheap SEO implementation is interesting for many companies and for a good reason. A strong SEO strategy is for the long term. Quality and profitability through SEO work can sometimes take months. As an entrepreneur, you want to be easy to find online for your target group, but the costs for this do not have to be unnecessarily high.


Strong search engine optimization should save you costs in the long term and not incur unnecessary additional costs. Marketing Division understands this and has therefore optimized its business processes to achieve this. Our SEO specialist knows better than anyone how to get your website high in Google and thus increase its online findability. This can be done in an affordable way without sacrificing quality. 

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How do we ensure cheap SEO?

Outsourcing SEO can be very expensive and the main reason for that is time. The more time expected to be needed to carry out SEO work, the more expensive the process is. Astrong search engine optimization has many tasks and activities and that often means that it takes more time and money. Marketing Division can offer cheap SEO by saving a lot of time. This means that the same high-quality work can be carried out at a cheaper price. 


The way Marketing Division saved time by:

  • Efficiently coordinate business processes

  • Use modern and powerful online marketing tools 

  • Communicate clearly and closely with customers

  • Years of expertise to apply


The working method of our SEO specialist makes cheap search engine optimization possible. We strive to get your company to the top of the organic search results in an affordable way. Internet marketing has become indispensable, but we are just as happy to limit the costs and time required for this. 

SEO components



In order to provide your content with a strong SEO position, extensive research must first be done. 

By combining our tools with your content, we know in no time what the best strategy is for your website.

SEO content

After the keyword analysis shows us what the right strategy is, it is time to actually implement the right strategy. 

Marketing Division can improve your current content or create new content, which ensures a stronger search engine optimization score. SEO Having text written by Marketing Division always produces results!

Technical SEO

Make a website faster, structurally improve it or increase ease of use. These are some of the benefits that technical SEO improves the optimization of your website. The results of this are often significant within the Google ranking and are often underestimated.


Besides relevance and the technical side you also have authority. The authority of a website consists of a certain value that Google assigns to your website. When this value is high, you will have a better position in Google's search engine than other websites without this authority. 

The authority of your website can be divided into domain authority, page authority and link authority. 

Google optimization costs

Another reason why SEO can be expensive is because there is a poor match between SEO packages and the application. SEO packages make it easier for marketing agencies to communicate a starting point to the clients. In practice you often see that this is taken over and that unnecessary hours are wasted on work while that time and energy could be better used elsewhere.


At Marketing Division we believe that every company is unique. Because every company is unique, it is very possible that biased packages do not match your wishes. As a result, SEO rates can be very high. At Marketing Division we are flexible and customization is always possible. We look exactly at what the goal is and what is needed to achieve the goal. This can save a lot of time and costs in carrying out SEO work. Once this is clear, we can work more efficiently and our customers will not be faced with undesirable costs. 

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